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Video of Spock and Xena - Sire & Dam of our 9/9/19 litter.

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Natasha came to us at 2 1/2 years old, sweet but shy and hard to catch. After feeding her for a week she finally put a paw on Dad's good dress pants to say "hi". Of course, he couldn't tell her to get down as she was warming up to us. From then on she has been easy to handle and a great hunter. With her personality and bloodline it was just natural we should breed to her.

You can look at her papers on this site, but suffice it to say she has some great ancestry. We are not breeding Natasha now, but her daughter Xena just had a big healthy litter.

Blue Tick Hound Fetching

A.J.'s Blue Spock is an Old Fashion True Blue hound with great looks and the disposition to match. He is honest and stays on the track, last Winter catching several cougar by himself and a few bobcat that he and Natasha teamed up on. He has a "fog horn" voice and is truly a pleasure to listen to. Just like Natasha his blood line speaks for itself!

Turbo is a male from some of our hound line we've hunted for over 30 years. He is not papered, but bobcats, lions, and bears do not care about papers when they are looking down at us from the tree :-)

One of Turbo's pups in A.J.'s arms

Hawk & Turbo on the box, Natasha in the box on the right.

Please be aware of scams! Call me, talk to me, come visit, I can give you references on request. Do your homework!

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