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Happy Hound Owners


Kids and Puppies!!!

Alex and Amanda with their new Turbo/Natasha puppy!!  11/04/17 "Dippy Dawg"


Dippy Dawg 11/2019!


Francisco and his wife, Maria, drove day and night from Arizona to pick up the new addition to their family

This pup is going to get plenty of attention, I'd say!!!

The last pup from this litter to go to her new home in Washington. Sad for us, but we are so pleased all our pups got great homes! Scott says " are the best hound guy I've dealt with, appreciate it".

No question about it. These hounds make great pets...I guess it helps if you spoil them, too!

Do you really think it took much to convince Megan that she and Vance needed a bluetick?

Dave and his new Bluetick pup.

Roger is a real bluetick man and had to have TWO! 

Stacey and Greg from California, loving up their new Blue pup, Missy!

IMG_5458 (1)_edited.jpg

What? We didn't do it...


One of our hounds made the cover           of a European magazine!

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